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Active 365 Acupressure Massage Mat

by Misophonia International

Active 365 Acupressure Massage Mat

Price 7.6
Comfort 8.5
Durability 9.7
Design 10.0


  • Light And Portable
  • Good Build Quality
  • Stores Easily


  • Trial And Error Adjusting Pressure
  • Not Machine Washable
  • Spikes May Be Difficult To Thoroughly Clean

I’m usually one to read the instructions but I was pretty excited to use this mat, and without reading the advisory I unpackaged it and laid down directly on it immediately. I recommend against this as the spikes are deceivingly sharp. After a couple tries, however I was able to dial in the desired pressure for this mat and found it to be quite effective. Following a car wreck I had a couple years ago I have had lingering back pain and I find that this product has helped with this as advertised. With the use of a towel or a pillow you can better target the area you’re experiencing pain in as is described in the instructions included with the mat, which you should thoroughly read on opening.

For anxiety and stress it is suggested that you lay on the mat for at least 25 minutes which I initially found difficult. After some time using the product it became easier to meet this target time, and I found that the mat was effective at lowering my levels of stress and anxiety. The instructions suggest relaxing music and focusing on your breathing to accompany laying on the mat, I found that I was most relaxed in silence but that may vary with your individual response to sensory stimulus. I also enjoyed burning a little incense while using the mat to relax and it felt like a meditative experience. I also found that I slept well following use for 15 minute intervals before sleeping, but I cannot speak to whether or not the product offers help with migraines as I am lucky enough to not experience them. Standing on the mat is pleasant and I find myself wanting to do so off and on throughout the day.

I personally like that the mat is made using coconut husks which are an eco friendly filling that is durable and biodegradable and also that the plastic used is biodegradable as plastic waste is becoming a mounting problem. That said it means that the product is not machine washable so some care should be given to making sure the mat is kept clean. It is suggested that the spikes can be cleaned with a soft brush, and I have not yet needed to do so, but it seems like it would take some work given their shape and my recommendation would be to use the mat on a clean surface and after having showered.

I find that this mat works as advertised to relieve pain, stress, and anxiety. It can take a little time to get used to, and I definitely strongly recommend following the instructions provided, but I find that this product is really well made and effective.
Note: I received this mat for free to try it. This in no way impacts my review. I was not paid to write the review, nor was I asked to write anything other than a fair and honest review.

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