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Research Director
Fredericton, NB
Social Media Director
Volunteer Director
Communications/Forum Director


Misophonia International also includes many writers that submit on a volunteer basis. We are forever thankful to these individuals and their commitment to the cause.

Misophonia International magazine was developed by two sufferers of Misophonia that have been trying to advocate for: research, awareness, and coping with Misophonia. Jennifer Brout (PsyD) has been advocating for misophonia for the better part of two decades, under the name of SPD-SOR. Shaylynn Hayes, Editor-In-Chief, is a designer and student out of Canada, that works toward advocacy. She is the author of Full of Sound and Fury: Suffering With Misophonia. The Spring issue of Misophonia International focuses on a bright and hopeful future. Yes, suffering with a disorder is hard, but with advocacy and research we have been making great headway. Misophonia International works in partnership with the IMRN. Run by volunteers, all sales are used to off-set the cost of design work, site maintenance, hosting, and other pricey factors of e-commerce.