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A review of “Sounds Like Misophonia” by Dr. Jane Gregory

by Misophonia International

“Sounds Like Misophonia” provides a psychological CBT perspective on misophonia. The book is written for a general audience and the author shares her own experiences with misophonia. The book offers some insights for persons struggling with misophonia and adds to the books which have been written about misophonia for the past 10 years. While this book does add to the literature, it is merely a piece of an ever-growing puzzle and should be taken with a grain of salt, as should all material on misophonia. Literature on misophonia is in the beginning stages, and it is entirely possible that misophonia’s neurophysiological characteristics will call for a more extensive cross-disciplinary approach to the disorder. While this book will cause no harm to readers, and surely be helpful to many, I would caution they consider that no approach to misophonia has been validated, nor is there a catch-all to coping. At surface level, however, this book offers coping suggestions and worksheets that may be helpful for some persons suffering with misophonia in alleviating their daily struggles. At times, I felt the book was overly simplistic in its writing and confusing, but over-all the worksheets were practical, and the narrative approach to misophonia was appreciated.

My main concern with this book and all others is when we consider CBT as the only approach for misophonia or consider it an expert approach. There has been no validation of any treatment for misophonia, and thus these claims should be considered by readers. All coping skills for misophonia are developed in theory and none are a catch-all for the disorder. It will be interesting to see the scientific work that grows in the next decades.

The opinion in this review is only of the author, and no one else.

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