Home Product Review 3-Pack Eye masks from Amazon

3-Pack Eye masks from Amazon

by Misophonia International

3-Pack Eye masks from Amazon

Price 10.0
Light Blocking 9.9
Durability 9.0
Features 9.0


  • Block out almost all light
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Great Price
  • Come in a pack of three!


  • Velcro might hurt ears

I’m really glad I bought these. They’re soft, comfortable, and super breathable. With misophonia, I find it really hard to sleep without complete darkness (it’s the easiest way to reset my sensory system by having complete quiet and darkness). A bonus is that these eyemasks come in a pack of three. You can throw one in your purse and have one in your bedroom. I gave the third to my mother. This has a slot for your nose, and your eyes, so it keeps out most light. Unlike some eye masks, I find I do not sweat with these. Over-all I am super happy with my purchase! It was also a bonus that they came in pink and purple, two colors I absolutely love.


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