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Seeking Editors and Peer Reviewers for Academic Journal

The International Misophonia Foundation is in the process of founding an academic journal for misophonia research. The largest part of this process is creating a fully-functional, open-source, peer review website[…]

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The Need for a Compassionate Model for Treating Emotions Surrounding Misophonia Beyond CBT

Developing a model for Misophonia is not an easy charge. Misophonia has been shown to have a brain basis and potentially mirror neurons involved (Kumar, 2021). At this time, psychologists[…]

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An Interview with Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond on Why She Felt the Need to Start a Misophonia Nonprofit

Why do you think there needed to be a nonprofit for Misophonia? Over the last decade, I’ve worked as an advocate for Misophonia by writing books, starting Misophonia International, and[…]

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Why I’m Starting a Misophonia Non Profit

The International Misophonia Foundation is a project that means a lot to me, Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond. As the co-founder of Misophonia International, and the remaining owner, I had questions about where[…]

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Misophonia International is Officially Joining the International Misophonia Foundation!

Misophonia International is proud to join the upcoming nonprofit The International Misophonia Foundation. As of September 1st, 2023, Misophonia International will now be operating as an extension of the IMF.[…]

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The Deep Emotional Trenches of Misophonia and Lawnmowers

Lately I’m having a hard time accepting Misophonia. There has been an onslaught of triggers during the summer months. This is made worse by living in army housing, where mowing[…]

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How to Ask People to Stop Triggering You Without Being a “Karen”

The word Karen is one that haunts my nightmares. As a person with misophonia I am constantly uncomfortable and feeling like the world is against me. I don’t want to[…]

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Is Misophonia the same as Misokinesia?

One question I am asked now and then is “how to visual triggers relate to Misophonia?” and while that’s a great question, and one I wish I knew the answer[…]

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Are Cheap Earplugs and Headphones from China Worth it for Misophonia? Yes!

For those who haven’t heard of the widely popular new shopping app “Temu”, or for those who have, but were worried about buying cheaply made products from China, this article[…]

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Help us Grow Our Non Profit

As we start our journey toward becoming an officially registered nonprofit, we are asking members of the misophonia community to help us realize this dream. Through your financial support we can pay for essential start up costs such as government filings, administrative software, and other technical necessities. We welcome and appreciate all support!

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