We are Misophonia International, a magazine and news site that focuses on research, coping and awareness.

We connect sufferers to professionals and help to bridge the gap between the research world and the world of coping. If you’re looking for in-depth content you can check out our full-color magazine. If you’d like to connect with other sufferers you can

Our articles include both research updates and opinions from sufferers. We commonly publish articles that can be shared easily around the web. Through this process we are able to increase awareness and information for our disorder. We encourage you to share our articles, and we also encourage you to submit your own!

Misophonia International’s fourth issue of 2016 features articles on a spectrum of topics, including research articles. While there is currently no treatment for Misophonia, keeping calm can be widely beneficial.

Misophonia International, in partnership with the IMRN is responsible for a collection of Misophonia and sensory initiatives. Primarily our focus is research, education, and advocacy. We maintain the following websites with hopes of making the world a more sensory-friendly place. Please feel free to link back to any of our initiatives. Have an idea? We’d love to hear from you!

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We work with the  IMRN (a network of professionals, sufferers and researchers) to ensure that you have a comprehensive resource for your disorder. We also operate a provider network for coping that links sufferers to professionals. Through Misophonia Awareness we help advocate for our disorder. You can also connect with other sufferers through our social media platform. Build your profile, list your triggers, and make friends. Or, join our chat!