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by Shaylynn H.


On this page we will update positions or jobs that would benefit from volunteer work. Misophonia International is primarily concerned with education, awareness, and facilitating research. We do not make profit off any products we offer, and instead this helps with maintenance of our websites, and the costly effort of extensive design work.

Executive Editor

Description: Comes up with story ideas and arranges for willing writers to pursue them. This editor will also take suggestions from writers, and review any submissions.
Time Dedication: 4-5 hours a week. Flexible.


Description: We are in need of an illustrator to do images for children’s books that would raise awareness for the disorder. Currently, we have 2 books to be illustrated. They are not long.
Time Dedication: Flexible.

3D Animator

Description: To animate misophonia oriented research and coping concepts, presented mostly by doctors.
Time Dedication: Flexble.

Copy Editor(s)

Description: Go through articles on site and in the magazine for grammatical and structural errors.
Time Dedication: 1-3 hours a week



Description: Writers, Video-bloggers, bloggers, artists (painters, poetry writers, short stories)
Time Dedication: Up to Contributor



Description: Help get the message out to other languages. Awareness doesn’t stop with English!

Time Dedication: Up to Volunteer



Description: Interview interesting persons and either provide a transcript/video or a pre-written article
Time Dedication: 1-3 hours per week


Advertising Director

Description: Help find advertisers that are willing to advertise through the magazine or on the news site.
Time Dedication: Varied, based on situations


Marketing Director

Description: Ensure that the branding is stable and the same across all platforms. Come up with new ideas and solutions
Time Dedication: 2-4 hours a week


PR Manager

Description: Help get Misophonia mentioned to the press. Contacts in the press are important to this. Needed to help get us noticed and help for research purposes. Time Dedication: 2-3 hours per week


Social Media Manager(s)

Description: Manage Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google + . There is a media manager that allows cross-posting. However, different sites require different strategies. Commenting, posting and replying is important
Time Dedication: As much or little as willing



Would you like to volunteer? Please let us get to know you!
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If you have any questions please contact Vicki, our volunteer director via email: [email protected]