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What Does Misophonia International Accept?

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What Does Misophonia International Accept?

write-for-misophonia-internationalSo, you’re a writer? Or are you a creator? Do you just like to talk and share experiences? You want to write about Misophonia? This is the place. We accept personal stories, journalistic articles, and all other original work that you’d like to present. This includes: fiction (creative writing, essays), non-fiction (essays, articles). We also accept VIDEOS.

If you’re interested in writing articles, please read the following:


  • Anything you write WILL list you as the author
  • If you want to suggest photos for your article, you may do so if the license is owned, or if it is a personal photo. However, we can’t guarantee it will make it past the editing of the magazine. Design has to be a factor.
  • Articles should be no less than 600 words. You can write up to 2,000 words – and more, if you have discussed it with me. I’d like to have some long pieces, but I don’t want to have to cut anybody simply because we overshot!
  • Since this is a volunteer position, I do not expect any formal commitment. Write as few or as many articles as you’d like. We’d love to have you for longer, but I understand this isn’t for everybody. In addition, you can always come back later!
  • No plagiarism, incorrect facts, or promoting business for the sake of promoting business. All pretty basic. Let’s keep this publication legit, and amazing.
  • All pieces will be edited. Doesn’t matter if you’re a university professor or an IT consultant. We’ll try not to change anything that’s your personal style and personality.
  • Try to keep treatments out of the articles. We don’t want to confuse people. These types of articles may appear here and there- but only when they’re being done by real doctors! We want this to be 100% legit!
  • In addition to the treatments – no links unless they have been approved. If you want to have a link, feel free to ask about it. We have to ensure that we know where things are coming from. False information is bad for trust.


Similar guidelines but we really like informal videos about life experiences with Misophonia. OR, you can do coping tips, how you explained Misophonia to friends, and other great stuff! We’re looking for it all! Please consider audio/sound quality when doing this! We’ll be posting tips on lighting and other factors in another section of the website.

To submit a video on Misophonia, please use dropbox, google drive, or another service, and email to the below address.

(Poetry, music, paintings, and everything else…)

We love art here! Art is an amazing way to free your mind from stress and anxiety, and regulate the sensory system. Your art can be music, videos, or physical (paintings, drawings, photos of sculptures). We love it all! Just send us a HQ version of your piece. Also, send us a link to your gallery or store, and we’d be more than happy to promote your creative endeavours alongside your artwork. Why? Because art is life, and it’s beautiful.

Ready to submit? Go here!