Related Disorders

While there may or may not be medically related disorders, misophonia has raised questions about the differences between misophonia and other disorders. This does not mean that misophonia is necessarily connected to the disorder, but there may be qualities that have caused confusion. While there is not enough medical evidence to connect misophonia to other disorders, some conditions are at the very least worth mentioning to avoid confusion.

Phonophobia: The fear of sounds

Auditory Processing Disorder:

Sensory Processing Disorder:

Shaylynn H.
Shaylynn Hayes is a 23 year old writer, graphic/webdesigner, and
student in Political Science. Alongside Dr. Jennifer Brout, Shaylynn runs the News site Misophonia International. The site focuses on Research, Coping, and Awareness for the disorder. Shaylynn has also been actively involved in the web management and development of Dr. Brout’s research page, What used to be a life-ruining disorder has become an interesting and defining adventure that has proven that the things that are “ruining our life” may very well be creating a new, interesting life in the place of the old. Shaylynn is the Editor-In-Chief of Misophonia International, and also writes for HuffPost, The Mighty, and Thought Catalog.