Misophonia For Professionals: Information Packet

Misophonia doctor professionalsIf you are a professional with an interest or curiosity in Misophonia, this information packet will highlight the important points about the disorder. This packet was created with doctors, researchers and other professionals in mind. If you are a patient or sufferer, you may print this document and bring it to your medical professional, if desired. If you have been linked to this page and are unsure what Misophonia is, it is a neurological disorder that causes an aversive reaction to audial (and often visual) stimuli.


This packet features the following topics:

  • What Is Misophonia
  • Overlap with SPD SOR
  • Current Research
  • Research Programs
  • IMRN Advisory Board
  • Coping and ‘Treatment’ for Patients

You can find the full document here: Misophonia For Professionals

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]