I Beat Misophonia in Class

I went to class today, and when I walked in, I sat down where I normally sit: in front, and as far right as possible. My professor walks in and I pull out my notebook and pencil, and he says that we’re going to review what we covered last week, and then watch a documentary. My heart sank when he said we were going to watch a documentary.

Documentaries, for some reason, have a tendency to emphasize my worst trigger 10 times more than usual: S sounds. I dread watching them for class because professors usually put the volume on very high, which makes it even worse.

So, after the review, we got a 10 minute break. I went to get snacks to distract myself from the documentary. Eating snacks usually helps in taking my focus off of my trigger. When I came back, we were ready to begin. The documentary was about 42 minutes. As soon as it started, I was anxious, and was triggered as soon as I heard the first S sound. But I told myself to stay; that I got this. I thought to myself, “What’s being said in the documentary and what’s being shown is interesting, so I should pay attention to that.”

And guess what? It worked! I was amazed at myself.

It’s not that I wasn’t triggered, because I definitely was several times throughout the documentary. But every time I was triggered, I told my brain, “Nope. You’re good.” And I experienced slight rage and discomfort for just a moment before I shifted my focus. As this kept happening, I got tired, and experienced more rage and discomfort at certain parts, but never had to leave. Normally, I would need leave class for awhile to calm down before going back. But I didn’t have to this time, and I was so proud of what I did.

I told my boyfriend of my accomplishment today. I was really excited, and he replied, “That’s awesome, honey! I’m so proud of you.” It helps to have support from those I love.

I really hope I can do this again. I know there might be some days where I just can’t take it at all, and have to leave for a break. But I hope that I have more experiences like I did today.

Sharon Mousel
I graduated from Vincent Memorial Catholic High School in 2014, and now that I’m in college, I have been taking classes at Imperial Valley College and San Diego State University. This was made possible due to a partnership between the two schools where I can access everything on both campuses and graduate with my bachelor’s in 4 years. I am currently a junior, and I am studying Criminal Justice; I will now only be going to SDSU campus, as I have graduated from Imperial Valley College. I like going on the computer and hanging out with friends, and my wonderful, supportive boyfriend. I love practicing photography, writing, and singing. I’m known to be really shy, but I’m always trying to go beyond my comfort zone.

Comments on I Beat Misophonia in Class

  • Kwant

    In stead of going away from the sound
    Tell yourself to listen to it and as you say that the documen tary is interesting, nlt.leaving but doing the confrontation and that will make you stronger. Dont let the noise beat you but you beat the noise! Very good!